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Medical Consent Form
  Gentlemen, Medical Consent forms must be completed...
Housekeeping - Email/Text notifications
  Many families registered several years ago before...
Medical Consent Form
by Maryann, President posted 12/1/2017


Medical Consent forms must be completed for each player on your team. (see bottom of page for form).

Insurance information:

  • Accident:  K&K Insurance Group, policy (to be added by 1/31/18)
  • Liability: K&K Insurance Group, policy (to be added by 1/31/18)

To facilitate form completion, you can download and make copies for everyone or ask that they fill out.

You must have this form in your possession for every practice and game.

I tried to attach document to your team page but received an error.  You can find the form at Home/Documents or visit the Coach Corner.

Housekeeping - Email/Text notifications
by WEB ADMIN posted 12/1/2016

Many families registered several years ago before texting became popular so their profiles may be outdated. Many never provided their cell phone carrier or they elected NOT to receive reminders of games and/or practices due to text fees. What we need of you is to remind parents that if they have not been getting these automated reminders, then they need to review their profile options or change their home email Inbox to receive messages from LeagueAthletics.com.

One of the best features of this site is the automatic reminder notifications that go out to families the day before a game or practice (provided that they have opted to receive text and/or emails at all). 

You do not need to send reminders of games or practices nor do you have to worry about sending notices about field closures. Email/text is sent to parent immediately. A parent can also go to team page and see the game crossed out on Events list.

The site's Email log is filled with these duplicate messages. What you can do is to advise parents that field closures will generate an email from the site; that practice and game reminders will also come from the site. If you have a personal message to send to your team, that is something different and you are free to send those messages.

We would just like to cut down on the unnecessary email traffic.

Reminder: parent(s) must make the correction, you do not have the ability to do so.