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Interested in Coaching?
by posted 12/04/2018

Coaches are the lifeblood that keeps our program alive. Every step in our progress as a league is owed in great part to the parent volunteers who choose to get involved, stay involved and grow their teams. To those who love to spend time with their kids and their kids’ friends, and who value the life lessons that baseball teaches, we proudly invite you to get involved.

  1. Coaching is about giving kids confidence by teaching them a game that literally changes lives.

  2. Coaching is hauling the gear bag around like a custodian, because you are one.

  3. Coaching is a chance to make all kinds of new friends (especially the young ones).

  4. Coaching is making every player know s/he’s the best one on the team.

  5. Coaching is two hours on a green grassy field where the office can’t reach you.

  6. Coaching is the high-fives you give and get from the sweetest faces.

  7. Coaching is assuring a dejected child that the sun will rise tomorrow.

  8. Coaching is a tribute to your own kids’ dreams.

  9. Coaching is a tribute to your community.

  10. Coaching is a tribute to the ones who coached you.

We need you!  Our program operates entirely on our volunteer base but nowhere is that needed more than in the Coaching staff. 

Our season will be starting sooner than you know and if we have to close registration due to low turnout for coaches, we need to know now. If you think you may be interested, please register. If you know you are interested, please register. If you hope to help in any capacity with the team, please register. Bottom line: please register.


Babe Ruth International requires that all coaches in levels Minor A and above must complete a certification course.  Link is  http://www.baberuthcoaching.org/coaches/

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by posted 12/03/2018

Registration for the 2019 season is about to open. We would like to ensure that your information is accurate in our database so that you do not miss any important news messages. Here are the most frequently asked questions....

  • How do I change my email address?"

  • My phone number is wrong, how do I change it?"

  • I'm not receiving practice/game notifications.  How do I fix this?"

The answer to all the above frequently asked questions is that your contact information is probably incorrect or outdated. You will need to update your or your family's, contact information. 

First, it's important to understand that as a member on our site, you have full control to change any/all of your contact information without the need to contact anyone.  To change your personal contact information, as well as, to set up and control your notifications, follow these simple steps

  1. Select the "Member Log In" link on left hand menu near the top

  2. For existing users, enter your email address and password and you'll be logged into the windsorbaseball.org site.  (Skip to Step #4)

  3. If you have forgotten your password or if this is your first visit, enter your email address only and click 'Submit'.  A temporary password will be emailed to you. (some providers may block this email - you may need to check your Spam folder) You can then log back in at which time you will have the option to change your password.

  4. If you are a returning member but your email address does not work, simply email us at: and we can advise you of the last email address we have in our system.

  5. Once you've logged in to our site, you can now set or change your preferences such as text messaging, e-mail, notification settings for games reminders, pubic/private/roster viewing of your info (please use Roster if not a coach), etc.  This screen also links to all members of your family as well.  You can change their information as well.

  6. On the player profile, we recommend that both parents (if applicable) emails be listed. Simply type a semi-colon between.

As we've mentioned, the main thing we like about our website is that it makes it easier to communicate with our members.  During the season, we send out emails to notify you of upcoming events, like Opening Day as well as notices about game changes.

Text messages?
When you register, you will have the option to activate this feature.  Just provide your cell phone number and service provider.  We strongly recommend you provide this information for each player and parent in your family profile.  This will ensure you receive notices, such as game or practice changes or other late notice items such as rain delay or field changes.  It happens!!

Phones can be categorized as: Public, Private or Roster. We need at least 1 number to be marked Roster. This number will appear on your team page and will not be visible to anyone other than your team families. If you are going to be a Coach, please mark your primary contact number as Public. This will allow other coaches to contact you about scrimmages, changing practice dates, etc. Any numbers marked Private will not be viewable by anyone except the website Administrator/President.

Password: Since many families use one common email, we ask that each adult establish their own password. This will help to distinguish each of you in our system.

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New Bat Rules 2018
by posted 10/27/2017

Beginning in 2018, all bats used in play must meet the new rules governing approved bats.

This logo MUST appear on the handle of your bat or a green sticker version will be on the barrel of the bat. 




"It is the policy of Babe Ruth League, Inc. to assure the safety of all participants.  Accordingly, Babe Ruth League, Inc. reserves the right to ban any equipment, including bats, at any time, including during the season, based upon a change of existing policy and/or upon new information made available to Babe Ruth League, Inc."

A new tab, "2018 Bat Rule" has been added to our site that explains in further detail the change.  (see link below). We strongly encourage our members to read this information before making a purchase.

Please share this information with anyone who may be considering purchasing a bat or registering for our League. Christmas is not too far away and a new bat may be on a player's wish list!




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