Sponsored By:   WILBUR ELLIS
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Player Rep: Lee Cooper



Open to players 8-9

Goal: At this level, live player pitching is used for the first time. The emphasis on having fun continues while being exposed to and taught basic baseball skills in a non-competitive environment.  Everyone is a winner with success measured on the progress of each individual player and their level of enjoyment.

Note: a 7 year old may be moved up based on playing history and/or coach recommendation


General Ground Rules:

  • Player pitch only
  • Pitching distance: 40'
  • NO score is kept, NO standings, NO playoffs 
  • All players must play 2 innings infield/outfield every game
  • Free defensive substitution
  • Inning ends when players have batted OR 5 runs OR 3 outs are made
  • Minimum play - no player may be on the bench more than one inning
  • No leading off