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What does it take to be chosen for Travel Ball?

  1. The WBL travel program is seeking players with above average ability who first and foremost enjoy playing baseball and have a passion to learn and a desire to improve their game.
  2. The player will have a positive baseball attitude and be encouraging to his teammates.
  3. The player will be coach-able. He must be willing to listen, learn and implement what he has learned.
  4. The player will have above average ability in as many of the five tools as possible: hit, hit with power, throw, catch and run.
  5. The player will have strong “baseball acumen”: knowing what to do, where to be and how to do it on the field—the mental part of the game—“baseball smarts”.
  6. The player will be a team player that values the team more than the individual. What position a player plays in the field and where he bats in the batting order are all secondary thoughts to how he can help the team succeed. The team needs different qualities from different players, and the chemistry of these qualities is what makes a team. A player may not play his favorite position or bat in his favorite part of the lineup, but 12 teammates will create a better team than 12 individuals.
  7. The player will have heart and the desire to hustle. We are looking for a player who has pride in working hard and believes that the way you play in practice is the way you play in the game.
  8. The player will have parent(s) supportive of both their son and all players, who are good-hearted, well-mannered people who are willing to work together and get along despite differences. Parents, players, and coaches must abide by the league “Code of Conduct”.

What do we expect from our players?

The team asks that each player:

  1. Always give his best effort.
  2. At all times, show the respect that this is due to his teammates, coaches, parents and umpires, as well as the game - baseball character.
  3. Be positive in the dugout.
  4. Be passionate about teammates and pick them up when they are down.
  5. Never give up.
  6. During the season, his primary interest is baseball - other sports teams, etc., are secondary.
  7. Be on time.
  8. Attend practices, games and tournaments. Although perhaps missing some games and practices are likely with all family situations, it is understood that those situations are exceptions discussed in advance.

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