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Volunteering can be broken down into two categories:  League and Team. The first directly benefits all and is normally for a specific length of time. The second benefits the team and should be shared by the team families to ease the burden on the manager/coach.

These positions have been developed for several reasons: First, to help Managers realize that they can share their burden by delegating many duties; Second, to explain the duties in a clear manner.


Board Member
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Player Agent
  • Player Reps - Rookies- Majors
  • Director of Fields
  • Director of Uniforms
  • Director of Equipment
  • Director of Umpires
  • Director of Player Development
  • Director of Fundraising/Sponsorship

Manager-Head Coach

The manager of a team is responsible for team operations.  The manager plans practices, coaches the team, selects team volunteers and is the primary contact between the league and the team.

Asst. Coach

A coach(es) helps the manager coach the team and performs any other duties assigned by the manager. A manager may have as many coaches as he can recruit on his/her team however only 2 are allowed in the dugout.

Team Parent: you have a very important role- help the team run smoothly. We recommend you prepare a schedule so that each family rotates through some of the following jobs, then everyone has a turn to help. 

Safety Monitor
ensures kids are behaving safely i.e. not swinging bats around, behind fencing, no
Field Help
prep fields before/afer games
ensure kids pickup trash in dugout and stands
Picture Day
work with Team Parent to handout photo packets, gets kids lined-up on photo day
prepare schedule for parents (lower divisions)
if applicable, you'll need to attend clinics
more than one should learn; clinic to be offered in February
track, issue and return of uniforms; prepare document to send to Uniform manager


Windsor Baseball uses parent volunteers for Minor A and Minor AA. We are working on training high school students and parents for work in the Major's division.