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Batting Tips

Frame of Mind
When you are ready to step into the batter's box, be confident! You should feel balanced and relaxed. As you step into the batters box, do it with a sense of determination and focus. Set yourself by digging in with your back foot to gain good footing and balance. Demonstrate to the pitcher that you are ready to play.

Depth in Box
To set your feet at the proper depth each time, place your right toe on the back corner of the plate, then your left toe behind your right heel. Finally, step back with your right foot to establish a proper distance and depth (for left-handed batters, do the opposite). How far back you stand in the box is a matter of personal preference. Standing deeper allows more time for pitchers who pitch fast, but it may be tougher to hit a breaking ball type of pitch that sinks out in front.



Position from Plate
The first thing to do when stepping into the batter's box is to find the proper place to place your feet. Make sure you are not too close to or too far from the plate. Touch your bat across the plate to find if you can cover an outside pitch. Your bat should touch the same place each time you step into the box.

Batting Stance
The type of stance you use is up to you. Many successful batters have very different stances. However, a balanced stance with your feet square to the plate provides you the best position to properly uncork a good swing. Allow enough room to take a good 6-8 inch step toward the pitcher as you begin swing.

Also see Swing Finish tip.