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Emailing team members their assignments:

After making team assignments it's easy to let team members and their parents know what team they've been assigned to.  Do the following:

  1. Go to the Teams page in the Admin area and check off the teams you want to announce.
  2. If you haven't already done so, optionally go to the bottom of the page and click the Generate or Overwrite buttons to create unique team passwords for roster access.
  3. Now click the Email button to the right of the Generate and Overwrite buttons.  This will generate and send a message similar to the following to all currently assigned team members on each of the checked teams:

    [First] [Last], 

    Welcome to the new season at [Your Organization]. You have been assigned to the following team: 

    >[Division Name]>[Team Name] 

    You can access your team's home page at the following address: 


    The team password you can use to access the team roster and other protected pages is – [TeamPasssword].