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Assessment is used to rate players so that each level and each team has parity of talent. Players 9 -12 are requested to attend at least one assessment date. Players aged 5-8 do not attend assessment.
  • What happens at assessments?
    • Players will be assessed in various baseball skills: batting, fielding - both fly and ground balls, throwing and running. Evaluators will rate each player; scores will then be combined to reach an average score. Those scores will then be used to distribute talent across the teams in each division so parity is achieved.
  • What happens if it rains?
    • Two official dates have been identified: (TBA). We recommend you make every effort to attend the first tryout date as we cannot guarantee that a second one will not be rained out. Players, 11 -12, who do not make any assessments will not be considered for selection to the Majors.
  • What if a player cannot or does not want to attend?
    • All players 9-12 are expected to attend at least one tryout. If a player cannot make their assigned time, you are free to come at another time more suitable. If you cannot make either assessment, we ask that you send an EMAIL with your explanation. Players who do not attend assessments or provide a letter of explanation will not be considered for post season play (All Stars). Also, if there is an injury in the level above, player will not be eligible for selection to move up.


Continuing in 2017, teams in all divisions, except Majors, will be formed by a Committee comprised of the President and/or VP, Player Agent, Director of Player Development and all Player Reps. Each division uses the following selection process for placing players on teams.

Majors Draft: A committee of 3 (none from Majors) will evaluate and grade each player in attendance on a scale of 1 - 5 for each station (hitting, fielding, outfield, etc). Total combined/overall scores will be used to establish a pool of eligible players for selection. This pool will be limited to number of roster spots in Majors (# of teams x 12 per team). Pool will include all returning Majors players. Majors coaches will ONLY be able to draft from this pool.

Player Age Brackets

  Age on
  April 30th

   Level of Play

  Play Up One Level?  Play Down One Level?
    12 Majors No other level higher than Majors in Cal Ripken Draft will dictate. Players not selected will play in AAA. **See outline below
    11 Majors No other level higher than Majors in Cal Ripken. Draft will dictate. Players not selected will play in AAA.** See outlline below
    10 Minor AAA VP must approve player for for move up to Majors 10 year old may be assigned to Minor AA with special request and with approval of PA
    9 Minor AA VP must approve players for move up to AAA 9 year olds may be assigned to Minor A with special request and with approval of PA.
    8 Minor A VP must approve player for move up; must have played at least 1 year of A (or similar, if new to league) and/or recommendation of coach or PA 8 year olds may play MP by special request of parents and approval of PA, or if player has no playing experience.
    7 Machine Pitch(MP) 7 year olds may play Minor A provided player has played MP in prior season and recommendation of prior year coach or approval of PA It is not recommended that 7 year olds play Rookie, however special request by parent will be considered.
    6  Rookie or
Machine Pitch
May play MP only if player has had one year of        Rookie experience (or similar if new to program)or is in first grade.              Allowed
    5 Rookie Not allowed.  

Note: PA stands for Player Agent.


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