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Q.  Can my child play Jr. Jags Travel Ball and still play in the recreational league?
A.   Yes.  It it is required for all Travel Ball players to be a Windsor Baseball League recreational player for insurance purposes.

Q.  Will my child miss rec games because of Travel Ball? 
A.  Every effort is made to avoid this.  Generally Travel Ball will only go to out of town tournaments on weekends that the league isn’t playing (i.e. Memorial Day) and after regular league has ended.

Q.  I live in Santa Rosa can I play on a Jr. Jags Travel Team?
A.  As long as you live in Windsor Baseball League’s boundaries (North of Hwy 12) and are playing in our recreational league you are eligible for a Travel Team.

Q.  Do I just sign-up and my child is put on a team?
A.  No, players must attend tryouts.  Assessors will choose the most skilled players to be on the team.  If there are not enough players at a tournament level skill, a team will not be formed. There will be 11-12 players per team.  We hope to field a team in the 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U divisions.  If there are enough highly-skilled players in a particular age group, two teams could be formed.

 Q.  What are the assessors looking for at tryouts?
A.  The player should have above average ability in as many of the five tools as possible: hitting, fielding, throwing, catching and base running.  Demonstrating above average pitching ability is also an asset. The player should know what to do, where to be and how to do it on the field—the mental part of the game—“baseball smarts”.

Q.  My child played on a Jr. Jags Travel Team last year, is he automatically on the team this year?

A.  No, players must tryout each year and make the team, returning players are not guaranteed a spot.

Q.  Can my 10 year old play on the 11 year old team?

A.  Yes, players may tryout to “play-up” one age bracket if they feel they can compete at that level.

Q.  My child plays basketball, football etc, will Travel Ball interfere with those? 

A.   No, we are not a year-round travel organization like some competitive teams.  We only play during the regular baseball season and into the summer.  Generally April thru July.

Q.  Where do the teams travel to? 

A.  Teams generally travel to the Sacramento area, Sunnyvale, Fremont and occasionally Manteca.

Q.  How many tournaments do the teams go to?

A.  Generally teams go to 3 or 4 tournaments during May-July.  Each team will decide their own tournament schedule.

Q.  How often are practices?

A.  Travel teams will practice every Sunday from mid-March thru July.

Q.  Do the Travel Teams ever play games locally?

A.  Yes, most travel teams will play doubleheaders some Sundays rather than holding their normal practice.  Doubleheaders may be played in Windsor or at semi-local fields like Napa and Marin.  Setting up double headers is at the discretion of the coach.

Q.  How much does it cost? 

A.  The league does not charge a fee to be on a team, but the league also does not fund any of the travel teams.  Travel teams are funded 100% from parents, fundraising and sponsorships.  Generally tournament fees are $50 per player, there are also uniforms and travel costs.  Teams try to fundraise to cover as much of the tournament fees and uniforms costs as possible.  Travel costs (food, lodging, gas etc) are the responsibility of the player/family, generally fundraising will not cover these.

Q.  If my child makes the Travel team are they automatically on the league All Star team?

A.  No.  All Star teams are selected in May.  It is a completely different selection process.

Q.  I don't want to participate in fundraising, do I have to?

A.  No, you do not.  If you do not want to participate in fundraisers you can 'buy out' of it.  The 'buy out' amount depends on how many tournaments the team plans to go to (typically $50 per tournament) and the price of the uniform chosen by the team.

Q.  Is there a scholarship program for Travel Ball like there is in Rec league?

A.  No. If you cannot afford tournament fees/uniforms, you can participate in the fundraisers the team chosses to do.  Your travel costs will need to be paid out of pocket.

Q.  Do the parents have to travel with the team?

A.  It is expected that parents will transport players to & from tournaments and games, as well as stay with the player at overnight tournaments.  Coaches and other parents cannot take on the liability of transporting other players.  In extreme cases, arrangements can be made, but it is the exception, not the rule.

Q.  Does my child have to attend all of the tournaments the team is going to?

A.  If your child is selected for a team, it is expected that they commit to all of the tournaments, games and practices that the team participates in.


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