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How can you help?

*Photo Day Coordinator - work with photographer to ensure all teams get packets, get their assigned dates. Team Parents will already have provided their team volunteer who you will work with. This can be a job shared by several volunteers.

*Windsor Day Parade - work with Team Parents who will provide volunteers. Ensure these volunteers know where to meet, where to go, what will happen, etc. This is also a job that can be shared by several volunteers.

*Opening Day Event - work together to make this a great opening day event. Plans are still in the works. Lori Penning has volunteered to chair this event.

*Team Parent Coordinator - act as a go-between with the Board and Team parents to make sure everyone has the same information, etc. Specifically, ensure that emails are sent to the respective divisions with pertinent information regarding league events

*Home Run Derby - this is an event that each year we hope to plan but never quite find the time. This event could be coordinated with Opening Day. Kids gather pledges and try to hit the ball over the fence.

*Fundraiser/Raffle ticket sales - We will need help to coordinate the orders, receipts and distribution of tickets.

*Snack Shack - our new snack shack at Keiser is still in it's infancy but we can see that a pool of volunteers to share the Opening/Closing would be of tremendous help. Currently, a handful of board members share this duty. Actual sales are handled by volunteers from the Major's teams.