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   On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the 2013 Windsor Baseball season.  We are underway planning for the upcoming year and look forward to your involvement to make this season successful.

   Here's a recap of the past few seasons:  In 2011, the new baseball fields located in Keiser Park were officially opened.  This complex reflects the culmination of many years of work within the Town management as a result of community discussions urging for the development of ballfields.  I, and several others, sat in on those early round table discussions and while some attendees brought their own ideas and wish list, the prevaling requirement for any redesign had to include ball fields. We are very fortunate that our needs were listed as the number one priority. 

  In 2012, using all the funds raised in our very successful 2011 raffle, 3 new scoreboards were finally installed in June, just in time for the Majors All Star tournament we hosted. They worked great and gave the games the much needed 'official' boost we were looking for. Thank you to all: WBE electrical contractors; Town officials who facilitated the project and the tireless efforts of league volunteers.

  In 2012, we also tweaked our divisions. The Instructional Division is now made up of Rookie (5-6) and Machine Pitch (6-7). The Minor Division has 3 levels: A (8) AA (9) and AAA (10-12). The Majors Division reinstated the draft, reduced teams to 6 and the age to 11-12.   We do not foresee any changes for 2013.

  In 2013, WHS girls softball will again have one slot a week at Field C but expect to see Windsor Girls Softball playing about 3-4 games a week, as well.  This will require us to shuffle some games between fields and may require some Sunday games, especially if we get any rainouts.

  We will also be starting our season earlier this year so teams have more time for practices. Our dates will coincide more with the school year so that the season, including play-offs, will conclude at the end of May. In the past, many families planned vacations in early June and that left some teams with too few players. Our hope is that with this early start, kids will get more practice time and teams will not have to forfeit any games. 

   As always, thanks are given to the many volunteers who step up to the plate to make our program work: managers, coaches, team parents, umpires and many others who work behind the scenes. If you haven't taken the time to volunteer, please think about doing so this season. Help deliver on the goal of providing a positive and rewarding experience to our kids.

   Please feel free to speak to any Board member, at any time, about anything.  Issues or comments can be rapidly addressed with open communication; especially with your child's coach(es). Let's continue to provide a terrific, positive environment at the ballpark to help our kids learn and grow.

Again, I welcome you to the 2013season.

Best regards,

Maryann Alexander